Muay Thai Retreat: Vacation in Tropical Paradise

COSTA RICA | MAY 27th - JUNE 3rd 2018 


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This is not your typical vacation. Instead of eating like a slob and lounging around while your vacation time slips away, the goal for this retreat is to help you come home in better shape than when you left!

Throughout this retreat you will learn a unique blend of Muay Thai techniques, training methods and drills that you can take home and adapt into your own training routine. With this type of training, you will develop a more aware and focused mind, especially through the additional yoga and mindfulness practices that the group does throughout the week.

On top of the training you will also get to explore the gorgeous scenery Costa Rica has to offer. Not only that, you will also be served delicious, healthy, fresh meals three times a day while having the opportunity to lounge out by the Infinity Pool or lay in a hammock between sessions.

muay thai retreat in costa rica training

Our aim is to have you come out of this retreat rejuvenated, energized, and motivated to continue living an active lifestyle and lead a purposeful life. 

We hope to reinvirogate your drive and passion for Muay Thai while encouraging you to continue pursuing your goals regardless of what they are. This retreat will be an exciting adventure where you will improve your Muay Thai technique, get in phenomenal shape, detox your body and mind, and develop a deeper connection with yourself ... it doesn't get much better than that!

Take a look at what to expect at one of these one-of-a-kind Muay Thai vacations in the video below!

“This is hands down one of the best experiences of my life” – Adili T.

Love Muay Thai? Love traveling? Then what better way to escape the daily grind of life than taking a holiday training Muay Thai in the beautiful tropics of Costa Rica!


Sean Fagan is a professional Muay Thai fighter and amateur champion from upstate New York. He has been training Muay Thai since 2010 and has been documenting his journey through Muay Thai Guy ever since in hopes to help spread the sport and teach students about the beauty of this ancient martial art. 

This will be his 6th time organizing and hosting a Muay Thai Retreat in Costa Rica at Jungles Edge. With a variety experience training with some of the best fighters and coaches in the world (including his multiple stints in Thailand) Sean has an entire tool box of training methods, techniques and philosophies that he likes to share with the retreat group. 

Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced fighter, Sean is able to teach everyone regarldess of their skill level!

"From the moment I met Sean, he was extremely friendly, down-to-earth, and just as excited as us to get training. He was a consummate professional, very knowledgeable, and patient. We all came from different martial arts backgrounds and experiences, but Sean was able to adapt and teach us appropriately. He focused not only on our strengths, but weaknesses, and I can safely say that I left as a better Muay Thai enthusiast." - Safi S.


At this Muay Thai retreat, the goal is to provide you with a life changing journey where you are able to build your confidence, learn new skills and meet amazing people from all around the world. In addition to the workout activities we will also provide group chats and workshops to look deeper inside yourself and grow as an individual.

If want you to have fun, unique travel experience where you'll come home with a renewed motivation and new set of skills, then this type of retreat was made for you! Just take a look at what a sample week schedule looks like when you come to a retreat with Sean:

Sunday, May 27th:

7am-9am: Arrival Day

9am-6pm: Get settled in at your accommodation and shown around the resort and nearby town by Sean.

6pm-8pm: Group dinner and chat where we discuss the weeks schedule and game plan!

Monday, May 28th:

7am-8:30am – Tropical Costa Rican Breakfast  

9pm-10:30pm – Muay Thai Training 

11am-3pm – Lunch with Fresh Smoothie or Juice followed by some rest 

3pm-4:30pm – Muay Thai Training 

5pm-6pm – Beach at Sunset 

6:30pm-7:30pm – Healthy, delicious dinner to end the day :)

Tuesday, May 29th:

7am-8:30am – Tropical Costa Rican Breakfast 

9pm-10:30pm – Muay Thai Training 

11am-1pm – Lunch with Fresh Smoothie or Juice followed by some rest  

1pm-2:30pm – Surf Lessons with a professional  

3pm-4:30pm – Muay Thai Training 

5pm-6pm – Beach at Sunset

6:30pm-7:30pm – Fresh Costa Rican dinner (Casado or Burrito)

Wednesday, May 30th:

7:00-8:30am – Tropical Costa Rican Breakfast  

9pm-10:30pm – Light resorative Yoga and meditation session 

11am-3pm – Lunch with Fresh Smoothie or Juice followed by some rest 

3pm-430pm – Muay Thai Training 

5pm-6pm – Beach at Sunset 

6:30pm-7:30pm – Healthy, Tasty Dinner

8pm-9pm – Beach bonfire underneath a starlight sky

Thursday, May 31st:

7:00-8:30am – Tropical Costa Rican Breakfast 

9pm-10:30pm – Light resorative Yoga and meditation session 

11am-2pm – Day hanging out at the waterfall. Snacks, fresh fruit and coconuts will be packed 

12-1pm: Snacks at the Waterfall 

3pm: Off for the evening or a light Muay Thai training session (Perfect opportunity to explore Nosara!)

6:30pm-7:30pm – Healthy, delicious dinner to end the day

Friday, June 1st:

7am-8:30am – Tropical Costa Rican Breakfast 

9pm-10:30pm – Muay Thai Training 

11am-3pm – Lunch with Fresh Smoothie or Juice followed by some rest 

3pm-4:30pm – Muay Thai Training 

5pm-8pm – Group night out to a local restaurant to catch the sunset and eat some more delicious food!

Note: There will be no meals provided by the retreat for dinner this day. There are plenty of affordable, local owned restaurant options that we will decide on as a group.

Saturday, June 2nd:

7:00-8:30am – Tropical Costa Rican Breakfast  

9pm-10:30pm – Muay Thai Training 

11am-1pm – Lunch with Fresh Smoothie or Juice followed by some rest  

3pm-430pm – Muay Thai Training 

630pm-730pm – Healthy, Tasty Dinner

8pm-9pm – Closing Gathering

nak muay nation costa rica retreat

Sunday, June 3rd:

Breakfast in the AM

10am – Say our goodbyes and check-out to catch the shuttle to Airport  

**Hours and activities are subject to change. Training is based of campers preferences. Please check back for updates.

The Perfect "Train-cation" For Muay Thai Addicts

“It’s been an amazing lifetime experience.” – Adam V

"I didn’t know what to expect, going to a new country, training with some unfamiliar faces and stepping out of my comfort zone, but attending Sean Fagan's Muay Thai retreat in Costa Rica in March of 2015 was one of the best choices I made."

I was surprised right off the bat how down to earth and friendly Sean was. I have had a lot of good luck with generally only dealing with positive people in the muay Thai community but you never know meeting somebody you have only followed online. Not only was he friendly to myself and the other members of our group but he was open to our input as far as what we wanted to train and do outside of training.

It’s always challenging making everyone happy especially a group that was pretty mixed as ours. He was patient with us, which is one of the hardest parts of training or teaching other. Some people don’t have that quality and it makes them poor teachers… Sean definitely is not lacking in this.

As far as the resort and country went, it was awesome. It was really the experience of a lifetime amazing food, beautiful beaches, super friendly locals and tropical weather. The hosts were extremely accomodating and friendly, I would go there again in a heart beat.

One of the coolest parts about the whole experience was meeting new people from different parts of the world that came together over a common bond like muay Thai, it really shows the positivity this sport can bring into your life. I gained some great experience from Sean and would train under him again anytime. The first day back to my normal gym people were amazed how much I was showing improvement, just from one week of focused work with Sean.

– Wesley Smith


These Muay Thai retreats are more than just about Muay Thai, it’s about having an active, healthy vacation where you get to try out new things and experience a different way of life. Here are a few of the other activities that you can choose to do while on your retreat:


Have you ever wanted to try surfing? Well there is no better time and place to do it than with a professional surf instructor at the beautiful Playa Guiones!

In fact, Guioness beach is rated as one of the World’s Top 20 surf locations and is an ideal spot for beginners to learn the fundamentals of catching waves.

Already a seasoned surfer? Then rent a board and enjoy year-round consistent surf conditions. Heck, you could even try stand-up paddle boarding if you wanted!


Nosara is the yoga capital of Costa Rica. The Jungle’s Edge has a 40×60 ft open-aired yoga studio surrounded by banana trees. The Jungles Edge environment, full of fruit plants and vibrant colors, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your yoga sessions. 

By training yoga you will become much more in-tune with your body’s movements, improve your flexibility AND become mentally stronger – which will help you become a better Muay Thai student and be more focused, aware and driven throughout everyday life. 

There will be 1-2 sessions mixed in with your Muay Thai training led by certified yoga teacher Liz Gaschler.

yoga retreat costa rica jungles edge


Take an afternoon off from Muay Thai training and join the group in a trip to one of the most pristine waterfalls you'll ever see. 

BYou can choose to dive off the waterfalls cliffs or just hang out and take a dip in the swimming holes surrounding the area. We'll pack fresh fruits, coconuts and snacks to enjoy while taking in the beautiful jungle atmosphere!


After your afternoon training session take a trip down to the beach to watch the stunning sunsets that Costa Rica has to offer on Guiones Beach. 

Once the light starts to fade get ready for a group bonfire where you get to stargaze and chat with fellow passionate retreat members. 

This was one of the best parts of the trip!


Balancing all facets of life (i.e. work, family, relationships and training) all at once is a constant battle that can suck the life out of even the most driven of people. Every now and then it's absolutely crucial to take a break from the day-to-day grind to recharge and relax, especially when we are feeling burnt out from doing too much.

If you go on a Muay Thai retreat, you're able to escape the stressors of life and completely cleanse your mind, body and soul. Listen to what past retreater Harland had to say about his experience at my retreat earlier this year.


Jungles Edge: Yoga & Surf Resort

200 meters South of Nosara Yoga Institute & 200 meters west., Nosara, 50206, Costa Rica

Phone: US- 757-818-8391

Phone: Costa Rica: 506-2682-5314

Located in Nosara (Costa Rica) Jungles Edge is Costa Rica’s newest destination for travelers seeking a true pura vida experience. Nestled mere minutes from Playa Guiones, Jungles Edge offers an extraordinarily beautiful and natural setting in one of National Geographic Adventurers “Top 20 Surf Locations in the World“

While staying at one of Jungles Edge’s many accommodations, guests will be surrounded by breathtaking wildlife and astounding flora, including 500 bananas trees of many varieties. We also boast a saltwater infinity pool (one of Bed and Breakfasts Top 10 Coolest Pools) and a 40 x 60ft open-air workout area for yoga, martial arts, pilates, Barre and high-performance fitness and surf training. 

Our communal Rancho allows guests access to the juice bar, and complimentary wireless service. Meals come freshly cooked using a variety of whole foods, local cuisine, and organic veggies from the garden. We also take pride in making some of the most delicious, refreshing tropical smoothies and juices which are an excellent way to be healthy and recharge!


What's included in your all-inclusive vacation:

All packages are all-inclusive which include:

  • 7-nights lodging
  • 3x freshly made meals a day (one day is only breakfast so retreaters can explore other eateries)
  • 2x Muay Thai sessions led by Sean Fagan
  • 1x surf lesson by surfing pro OR 1 full body massage
  • access to the amazing 70,000 gallon salt water pool voted one of the top ten coolest pools in the world by
  • Group jungle hike and waterfall tour
  • Insightful group talks and exercises
  • Beach bonfires underneath a starlit sky
  • Beach access merely a few minutes walk away
  • Wi-fi Internet
  • Kitchen facility
  • Bathroom and showers
  • Local restuarants and markets a few minutes walk away

What's NOT included:

  • Airfare 
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Laundry Service
  • Alcholic Drinks 

Airport Shuttles: We can help organize your shuttle with other retreaters if you arrive around the same time on the same date. 

Prices are one way: 

  • Liberia: 1-4 people $150 || 5 or more people $40 pp 
  • San Jose: 1-4 people $260 || 5 or more people $60 pp 

Additional activities, excursions, spa treatments and lessons are a la carte. If you are interested in our extras please let me know. We have available Surf Lessons, SUP Tours, Waterfall Hikes, Pink Sand Beach Hikes, Massages, Facials, Snorkel Tours and many others. All retreaters receive $5 off such items. We also can arrange TRX/Fitness sessions at a rate of $15 per person. 


At these Muay Thai retreats there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to your accommodation. Scroll down to see what type of accommodation fits your budget and needs best! (**Limited space available**)

NOTE: Want to book with a spouse or friend, but they don't want to train? No problem! We offer packages for couples or groups where one person participates in the retreat while the other one can relax by the beach or pool :) Click here and fill out the quick form if that's something you are interested in (make sure to mention it in the questions/comments section)

Premium Jungle Bungalow

jungle bungalow costa rica retreat
muay thai retreat accommodation bungalow

The Jungle Bungalow is the perfect option for a budget traveler or small groups who want to be surrounded by the exotic jungle atmosphere at night. Surrounded by luscious flora, banana trees, and howler monkeys you are truly on "The Jungle's Edge" when you stay in one of these comfortable, cozy accommodations.

This accommodation option is enclosed and uniquely crafted with two fans, reflective roof, LED lighting and Kitchenettes. It stays cool during the day and at night with plenty of shade from the jungle trees and is bug-free. There are options for 1-4 people to sleep in a bungalow! 

Book as a Solo Traveler

Book with a Friend or a Signficant Other

Book with a Group of 3 or more

Only $1695 USD!

 Only $1495 USD each! (save $200!) 

Only $1395 USD each! (save $300!)  

Lotus Suite

lotus suite jungles edge yoga retreat

Lotus Suites are as cute and comfortable as they get. With a private bathroom, private refridgerator, a ceiling fan, air conditioner, and deluxe linens and mattresses, this is the perfect blend of luxury and affordability for all travelers.  

This is our most popular suite for couples and is only steps away from studio floor and rancho!

Book as a Solo Traveler

Book with a Friend or a Signficant Other

 Only $2095 USD!

 Only $1845 USD each! (save $250) 

VIP Villa Suites

jungles edge resort yoga retreat accommodation

Feelin' fancy? Then the VIP Villa Suites is perfect for you! With stunning views overlooking the jungle, direct access to the salt water Infinity Pool, a private bathroom, private balconies, air conditioning, billiards table and a shared kitched and living room, you've basically got the VIP treatment!

*** Options are available for queen size and double twin beds ***

Book as a Solo Traveler

Book with a Friend or a Signficant Other

 Only $2495 USD!

 Only $2195 USD each! (save $400)  


Accommodations are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up now or reserve your spot in this amazing retreat with a small deposit of $500.

Muay Thai Retreat is paradise. But it’s even more than that! It’s an experience, a detox, & a training vacation all in one!

Listen to one of the retreaters, Jennifer Nicholson, tell you about her experience:  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the retreat cost?

It ranges depending on your choice for accomodation. For a full list of pricing options, click here.

What is the length of stay?

This retreat is 7 days and 6 nights, May 22nd - June 3rd, 2018 

What is included in the price?

  • 7-nights lodging 
  • 3x freshly made meals a day (one day is only breakfast so retreaters can explore other eateries) 
  • 2x Muay Thai sessions a day led by Sean Fagan
  • 1-2x Yoga session led by Liz Gaschler 
  • 1x surf lesson by surfing pro OR a relaxing massage
  • Access to the amazing 70,000 gallon salt water pool voted one of the top ten coolest pools in the world by
  • Group jungle hike and waterfall tour 
  • Insightful group talks and exercises 
  • Beach bonfires underneath a starlit sky 
  • Beach access merely a few minutes walk away 
  • Wi-fi Internet 
  • Local restuarants and markets a few minutes walk away

What is NOT included in the price?

  • Airfare 
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Laundry
  • Other miscellaneous expenses

Where will I be staying?

At the Jungles Edge Resort (see above or go to

What are the food options? How much will it cost to eat per day?

Food is included in your package and is served 3x a day. Most meals are local Costa Rican dishes like casado, fresh caught fish, fresh fruits, guacamole, platanos, burritos, rice bowls, salads, organic meats and much more. You also receive 1 refreshing tropical smoothie or fresh squeezed juice daily! If you are a vegetarian or vegan, Jungle’s Edge can cater to your needs as well.  

We also will be spending one day out as a group to eat at a local restaurant where meals are around $10-$20 depending on where we go and what you choose to eat.

I’ve never done yoga, surfed or trained Muay Thai, can I join?

Absolutely! Sean will make sure that everyone is welcome and is comfortable teaching Muay Thai to all experience levels. The surf lessons are taught by professional surf instructors and Playa Guiones is ranked as one of the Top 10 Beaches around the world to learn how to surf! 

What is the average experience level/age of the retreaters?

Most retreaters have train some Muay Thai in the past. Generally speaking, retreaters have 6 months - 2 years of experience, but there have been retreaters who have just began their Muay Thai journey as well as others who are experienced fighters. 

We’ve had retreaters as young as 22 and as old as 63 come to this retreat and have a great time! The average age is between 27-45 years old.

I want my spouse/friend to come, but they wouldn't want to train. 

No problem! We offer packages for couples or groups where one person participates in the retreat while the other one can relax by the beach or pool :) Click here and fill out this quick form if that's something you are interested in.(make sure to mention it in the questions/comments section).

What else is there to do at or near the resort?

During down time people like to do a variety of things:

  • Relax by the infiniy pool or takea siesta (nap) in a hammock.
  • Get rejuvenating massages.
  • Check out local shops and restaurants.
  • Lay out on the beautiful Guiones beach.
  • Experience the Costa Rica nightlife.

What do I do if I get sick/injured?

Adequate travel insurance is crucial to insuring you have a safe trip. It is up to you to make sure you’re covered for the activities involved and to find to proper insurance for your stay.

There are pharmacies and doctors nearby, so if you get ill or injured we will make sure you get quality attention. 

Do I need any vaccinations?

We highly recommend you speak to your doctor to see if you need any shots. They’ll have all the up to date information on any pills you may need or vaccinations you might want to consider. Getting them is time consuming, so leave at least 6 weeks to be safe. 

Do I need a visa?

If you are from the U.S, U.K, Canada and other western or European countries, you do not need a visa. (You DO need a passport though!)

If you are uncertain if your country requires a visa for Costa Rica, make sure to google it for more info

How do I get around the area?

The beach and main town of Guiones is a easy 15-minute walk through cleared jungles paths. Bicycles are available for rent at Jungles Edge for $15 a day. ATV’s, motorcycles, and golf carts are available for rent from shops in town - most of which require a deposit or your passport. There are also taxi’s available.

As for group trips to the waterfall, beach and other areas, Jungle’s Edge provides transportation

What Is The Refund/Cancellation Policy?

For cancellations, 100% refund is offered if cancelled over 60 days out. 

If cancelled within 60-days of the retreat date your deposit of $500 is non-refundable but can be treated as “on-credit” for future retreat dates, subject to one-year expiry from refunded date.

Are you serious about coming to this tropical retreat , but still have more questions?

Fill out the short survey below and Sean will personally get in touch with you to answer your questions!

“I was a bit nervous going to Costa Rica on a Muay Thai retreat. New country, new people, and traveling alone left me not knowing what to expect. But as soon as I landed and met Sean, Liz and Wes, I knew that it was going to be amazing!

We trained twice a day, every day, and every session we learned something new and got in great shape while doing it. Sean is an amazing teacher with a lot of knowledge and love for Muay Thai. After each session, I felt a better sense of what my weaknesses are and what my strengths are. Training with Sean in Costa Rica gave me what I needed to re-motivate myself and be the best that I can be inside the ring and outside. I will definitely be attending more of his retreats!

I feel very fortunate to have had this experience and will definitely implement what I learned into my training and into my style of fighting. I can’t thank Sean enough!”

– Aileen M.

COSTA RICA | MAY 27th - JUNE 3rd, 2018


Tickets on Sale Now. 

Limited Space Available!

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